Free sewing pattern: 6 paneled full circle skirt pattern

Today I share with you a very popular item – the full circle skirt pattern! Who would not love a super-feminine and graceful voluminous full circle skirt? Made with a flowy drapery fabric like chiffon and voile and you will look so sweet with every step. Or made with a stiffer fabric like brocade and…

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Free sewing pattern: Diana flounce sleeve top

Hi friends, It’s already August (so fast) and you can see major fashion houses have already loaded their fall collections. I think although it is still burning hot outside, it’s time to start making patterns for milder weather. And I am going to start with a simple long sleeve top, which is a must-have in this…

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Free sewing pattern: Veronica dress

Hi guys, I guess I should name my patterns, because I just find out that if I just list the features of the garment (like short sleeve, round neck, knee length, etc.), some of them will be really long, or will cause confusion with the same name for different model. So from now on, you…

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