Free PDF pattern: 2 layer face mask with filter pocket

2 layer face mask with filter pocket pattern

Hi there,

I have received a huge number of emails and comments about my most popular fitted face mask pattern, and I am so happy to know that I have helped people in need. I was able to make new friends who used my pattern to make masks and to share, and I would like to tell you all: You are so amazing! You are making the world a safer place against the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Facebook group named Shelagh’s Sewing Circle used my fitted face mask pattern and has made over 30,000 masks to donate to frontline workers and their community. And many other sewers have made their masks for donation – a reader told me she alone made over 500 face masks to share with people in her small town in the US. I am so proud of you all!

I shared with you my creation for free with the hope to help as many people as I can, and I appreciate that many of you have credited me and my website for the pattern. But lately a few readers of Tiana’s Closet informed me that there is some companies who used my pattern to make masks for commercial purpose and asked me if I had given them my permission. I did not know anything about this at all! It would have been much better if they asked me first! I know it is hard to protect my intellectual property for such a small design, but then, you should respect what others worked hard to share with you – even for free!

Now let’s put aside the unhappy thing and turn to the main topic today.

I have been asked quite several times about a fitted face mask that is light weight and breathable and, at the same time, has the pocket to insert filter when people think they need an extra layer of filter. As we are wearing masks for longer time now (some workers have to wear face mask as long as they are at work), breathability and comfortability are what we care most about. 3 layer masks can be better at protecting you – but it is undeniable that they are quite thick and hard to breathe in if you wear it for a long time. I have tried a few new ways and finally found out a good way to make a mask – with only 2 layers, and with filter pocket so that you can wear it as is when you need to wear it for a long time, or insert a filter when you feel you need extra protection!

The outer look of this new mask is just like the 3 layer face mask with pocket.

It comes with the same filter pocket. You can wear the mask without the filter, or insert the filter for extra protection. The advantage of this 2 layer face mask is that it is really comfortable and breathable. Especially in this hot summer weather!

If you are interested in making this mask, you can download the pattern at the end of the post. I made this pattern in 4 sizes: men, women/teens, big kids (6-12) and small kids (2-5). Hope that you will find the sizes for your whole family!


Print out the pattern and measure the test square for correct sizes and let’s start sewing!

How to make 2 layer fitted face mask with pocket


– Pattern for the 2 layer fabric face mask with filter pocket

– Small piece of fabric of your choice, preferably cotton/linen fabric

– Fabric chalk/pencil/washable marker

– Scissors

– 2 pieces of elastic about 10 inches long each. The length of elastic can be adjusted later for better fit.

– Needle and thread or sewing machine


– Prepare fabric, you can wash the fabric before cutting to prevent possible shrinking.

– Fold fabric in half, lay it flat on the table, place the pattern pieces on the fabric. Use a pen to trace the pattern, or pin the pattern directly to the fabric.

– Cut along the traced lines or the edges of the pattern. You will get 2 pieces of the outer layer and 4 pieces of the inner layer as shown.


1. Place the outer layer pieces right side facing, sew along the curve of the center seam. Turn the joined outer layer and sew a flat felled hem (you can skip this step if you don’t want to).

2. Sew a small seam on the inner center and side pieces of the mask. This will be the pocket opening.

3. Place the inner layer center pieces right side facing, sew the center seam. Sew a flat felled hem if needed.

4. Place the joined outer piece, inner center piece right side facing then place the inner side pieces on top so that all the edges match. You will see the inner center piece and the inner side pieces overlapping. Pin to secure.

5. Sew along the top edge and bottom edge of the mask.

6. Turn the mask inside out.

7. Top stitch the top and bottom edges of the mask with a 1/4in (0.5cm) seam.

8. Fold the side edges twice and sew a 3/8in (1cm) seam to make a tube for elastic.

9. Insert elastic, tie and hide the knot inside the tube. Try the mask on and adjust the length of elastic if needed.

Tada! You have made it, the 2 layer fitted face mask with filter pocket. Easy peasy huh?

Now you can wear it as is, or add a layer of filter if you like!

And finally, here is the download link: 2 LAYER FITTED FACE MASK WITH FILTER POCKET (4 sizes)

Happy sewing!


P/s: If you are looking for a face mask to still feel beautiful and elegant while protected, I have a series of hand embroidered face masks – carefully made in Canada by me, my sister and my mom. We have a small Etsy store here:

Thank you for your support!

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  1. You started out the epidemic with a simple 2 piece mask. I am looking for the pattern that was cut from a single pattern piece for men

  2. I came across ur website on pinterest, & coped ur pattern, going to try this & the easiest pattern instructions. I make madks too, & just give them away, at no charge, God gave me knowledge how to sew so i spred it all around to people.
    Thanks so much for ur patterns, i have been using another pattern but this looks better.

  3. Just made one for my son. Very easy and I love the fact that it has the pocket for filters, extra security. Will be making more using this pattern.

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