Free PDF sewing pattern: Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse

Free PDF sewing pattern: Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse

The pattern for today (a really sunny day – summer is here!) is the Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse. This is a pattern I made for myself to prepare for the hot days coming.

I have played around with this pattern and made a 3D simulation of it. Let’s check out the look!

This is the front view of the blouse. It is loose fitting with a V neck. The bust darts are slanted at the side. The front hem is slightly curved upwards.

Free PDF sewing pattern: Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse

And this is the back of the Bianca blouse. It is divided into a yoke and a ruffle lower part. The hem is curved downwards, creating a hi-lo look for the blouse.

Free PDF sewing pattern: Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse

And here’s the side view if you want to know how it looks at the side.

Free PDF sewing pattern: Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse

This is yet another super quick and easy project, and you can finish it within just one free afternoon.

The Bianca blouse can be easily mixed with shorts, jeans or skirts, and if you want to warm up a bit, put on a jacket, or a cardigan, and you are all set! Slippers, sandals or sneakers can go along well with this blouse, too.

I made the pattern in 10 sizes, from XXS to 5XL, so hopefully it will fit just almost anyone! Plus size ladies, welcome!

As usual, the pattern is made in layered PDF format where all sizes are stored in just one file. You can choose to print just your desired size(s) instead of a pile of messy pages where you have to trace your size from the colored lines. If you are not sure how to print out layered PDF files, check out my Printing Guide.

Of course, check out my Size table to see if your size is available before downloading the file.

Cutting instruction

After printing, cutting and taping all 19 pages together, you will get this:

Free PDF sewing pattern: Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse

The pattern consists of 6 pattern pieces:

  1. Front piece – cut 1 on fold
  2. Front facing – cut 1 main fabric + 1 fusible interfacing
  3. Back yoke – cut 2
  4. Main back pieces – cut 1 on fold
  5. Back neck facing – cut 2 main fabric + 2 fusible interfacing
  6. Armhole bias binding – cut 2 on bias

How to sew the Bianca ruffled back hi-low blouse

  1. Cut out pattern pieces as instructed.
  2. Prepare fabric. You may need to prewash and iron the fabric to prevent shrinking.
  3. Lay the fabric flat on the table or floor. Place the pattern pieces on the fabric. Pin and cut out the fabric as instructed. Mark the notches and transfer the darts to the fabric.
  4. Iron the fusible interfacing on the facing pieces. Place the back facing and front facing right side facing, sew the shoulder seams.
  5. Sew to close the bust darts. Press them toward the hemline.
  6. Serge or sew zig zag stitches around the edges to prevent fraying.
  7. Sew the two back yoke pieces together from the bottom end to the notch.
  8. Take the back piece of the blouse, sew two parallel lines with longest stitches (start from inner notch of one side to the inner notch of the other side). Pull the lower threads to gather the main back piece. Align the main back piece and the joined back yoke piece and adjust the gathering so that the notches match.
  9. Place back yoke piece and main back piece right side facing. Pin and sew to get the back of the blouse.
  10. Place front piece and back piece right side facing. Pin and sew shoulder seams and side seams.
  11. Place the joined neckline facing and the joined main blouse right side facing. Pin and sew the neckline. Turn the facing inside, sew a flat felled seam on the facing. Clip the seam for smoother curve.
  12. Sew bias binding at the armholes.
  13. Hem the blouse.

There you are, the Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse. Just a few easy steps and even a total beginner can finish this beauty.

Of course, this is the download link: Bianca ruffled back hi-lo blouse (XXS-5XL)

Enjoy sewing!


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  3. Tricia Quakenbush

    Thank you for your free patterns. I love the sleeveless tops. I made a cute blue gingham top with this pattern. And I used a vintage embroidered dresser scarf for the back yoke. Wish there was a way to share a picture of it with you…it turned out cute.

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