How To Use “The Law Of Attraction”

Let’s be honest…”The Law of Attraction” was in a movie called “The Secret” for a reason. I can’t even count on all my fingers and toes (lol) how many people have approached me in reference to wanting to know the secret to the secret.

law of attraction How to use The Law of Attraction

Let me explain…

The biggest question I have been asked over the last few years is: How do I apply The Law of Attraction from the movie “The Secret” into my everyday life as well as in my business? I must admit for a really long time I couldn’t answer that question because the truth is I had no clue how to.

It wasn’t until I had my own breakthrough of my own that everything became rather clear to me.

So, what is the REAL secret to…

The Law of Attraction?

There are people who will tell you that simply thinking on positive things will be the way to attract into your life what you truly desire. Well guess what?

A part of that is BS.

There is a difference between just thinking and believing. It takes a major amount of belief to really attract everything that you desire into your life and business.

The Law of Attraction.

Are you ready for the truth?

This is your life!

So let’s dive into the secret to the law of attraction and applying the law of attraction tips to change your entire current set of circumstances.

Here are some of the things that will manifest everything that you truly deserve.

1. You must become inspired!

Your external circumstances do not make up who you are right now, but what you are dealing with is a direct reflection from what you have felt on the inside. Take a step by falling in love with what you love doing. You must become an actor and live out the life you want to live and it is there that parts of what you want will show up.

2. Focus on what you can control…Your MIND.

Expect things to get better. Understand that you have already overcome extreme challenges to be where you are at today and understand that you can achieve so much more if you tap into what is really inside you. It’s never too late to make your dreams come true but it first starts with you focusing your mindset on all the good that you have in your life right now.

The Law of Attraction…

3. Have a DREAM

You must absolutely have a dream!If you don’t have a goal or dream and you are taking action everyday then there is no difference between you and a hamster running around in a wheel. A dream is what gives that action direction!

For more TIPS on using “The Law Attraction” into your business and your life CLICK HERE. YOU ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES!

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Social Media Tips And Tricks For Business

Are you ready to ROCK your business using social media?!! Over the past several years I have learned how to leverage one of the most powerful social media platforms on the planet to build my MLM business. What platform am I referring to???


Social media tips and tricks for business

isn’t as difficult to do as many would think. Honestly, the reason why most people are not as effective as they should be is because they end up promoting their business ALL WRONG. Over the past 90 days I have turned a team of zero into a team of over 100 & 95% of it has been through Facebook.

Before I get into “Social media tips and tricks for business” I want to jump right into some don’ts.

1. Don’t brand a company on Facebook…brand YOU

2. Don’t be a business only robot icon smile Social media tips and tricks for business

3. Don’t be needy

Social media tips and tricks for business

is BEYOND the most lucrative way to earn a serious six figure income in your MLM business.

So, let’s get right into what I do! Listen carefully and take notes!

“My 5 Key Strategies to Marketing on Facebook”


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How To Use Social Media Blogging To Generate Sales

How to use social media blogging to generate sales?

I can’t count how many times people ask me how I have been able to build a HUGE “Relationship Marketing” business 95% through social media.

How to use social media blogging to generate sales“? It’s easier than you think. One thing is certain, I have seen thousands of people use social media the wrong way which ruins their brand and repeals people from joining their MLM business.

Let me explain.

Early on in my journey as an entrepreneur I became avid about not branding a company but rather to brand myself and my knowledge. Too often we as human beings discount how much we know and unconsciously hoard powerful information that has the ability to change peoples lives.

In light of this fact I made the decision that no matter what company I was in along the way even though I would endorse the company, I would still brand myself.

So, let’s get right into how to use social media blogging to generate sales.

In this quick video I walk you through some of my secrets to building a 6 figure income from not only my home base business   but through my largest platform which is leveraging the power of 1. Social Media 2. Blogging 3. Youtube.

How to use social media blogging to generate sales



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What Is Internet Marketing

There are so many questions that comes to mind when figuring out “what is internet marketing“? With all the online business “gurus” sharing a 3 simple step formulas & many others giving away free videos, ebooks and PDF’s in exchange of a persons email address…

The secret discovery as to creating a successful online business to most of us is still a mystery. How many times have you watched someone’s video where they said they would share the secret to earning 6 figures on the internet and yet after watching their video they up sell you on a product that you don’t even need? At one time to be honest with you, I was that person. The person who bought so many information products to so I could finally unlock the mystery behind it all…

And, guess what happened? NOTHING.

So, What is internet marketing?

I will get to that in just a sec.

In order for you to understand  what is internet marketing  you must first unleash the REAL story behind every “gurus” pitch about having success in a online business. funny guru What is internet marketing

If I can for a moment give you the process of internet marketing that most people tend to not understand. You find yourself searching on the internet for things like “what is internet marketing” or “how to make money online” and next thing you know a mass of videos, capture pages & written content pops up onto your computer screen. You become intrigued so you do what they advise you next.


What is internet marketing…

You input your best email address as well as your first/last name into the capture page to receive a FREE something.Then all of sudden your email address gets flooded with emails not only from the person that you opted into but from other “gurus” as well selling you on products after products.

Why do we as humans do this?

It’s quite simple…

Most of us are lead to believe that there is a magical secret that we are seeking to become revealed so that we can effortlessly make money from home. Although many people will use long tail word like “Get instant access to my 3 step formula that magically created a 6 figure income”. Because we live in a society where getting rich quickly seems to come as an attraction to us…The REAL secret is this.

There is no secret.

Some products will make a slight difference into the success on the internet, the truth is that it all starts with you.

I used to bump my head against the wall trying to find the secret myself and then one day I stopped that nonsense and decided to cut videos, write great content and next thing I knew…BAM!

I became the secret that I was looking for.

What is internet marketing?

The answer is quite simple.

The internet is a world in its own. A platform to allow you to become known all over the world. A place where sales can be made and your brand can be created. When done the right way…

You become the internet. You are found everywhere.



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