Free PDF sewing pattern: Marissa sleeveless blouse

Free PDF sewing pattern: Marissa sleeveless blouse

Summer is finally coming in Toronto! It is expected to be warm from next week, and my family is planning to bring our plants to the garden – no more bringing them out and in every day!

I am in the creative mood, and today I am sharing my new pattern for summer: the Marissa sleeveless blouse.

This simple blouse features a V shaped yoke at the front and a gathered main piece. What I love most about it is that it can cover a fat belly! Let’s say I can eat to my fullest and still don’t have to worry my tummy will show.

Let’s have a look at the blouse simulated in 3D:

This is on the model.

Free PDF sewing pattern: Marissa sleeveless blouse

The front view

Free PDF sewing pattern: Marissa sleeveless blouse

Side view

Free PDF sewing pattern: Marissa sleeveless blouse

Back view

Free PDF sewing pattern: Marissa sleeveless blouse

Cutting instruction

As usual, my pattern is created using Layered PDF, please check the size chart for your size and printing guide before you print. After assembling together, the pattern pieces will look like this:

Free PDF sewing pattern: Marissa sleeveless blouse

The pattern contains 6 pieces as follows:

  1. Back – 1pc cut on fold
  2. Back yoke – 2pcs
  3. Front – 1pc cut on fold
  4. Front yoke – 1pc cut on fold
  5. Neckline bias binding – 1pc cut on bias
  6. Armhole bias binding – 2pcs cut on bias

Sewing instruction

  1. Cut fabric according to instruction. You can change the direction of the fabric to your liking (the blouse model is wearing has the yoke cut to the grain line, and the main pieces cut perpendicularly to the grain line).
  2. Gather the front piece and the back pieces by sewing 2 parallel lines using longest stitch. Pull the threads at the ends and distribute the gatherings evenly. Measure with the yoke pieces until they match.
  3. Place front yoke and front piece right side facing, pin and sew.
  4. Place two back yoke pieces right side facing. Sew a 1 inch line from the bottom end of the back yoke toward the neckline. Press the seam open. Sew a straight line 1/4 inch from the fold line to finish the back neck opening.
  5. Place back yoke and back piece right side facing, pin and sew.
  6. Place the sewn front piece and back piece right side facing, sew the shoulder and side seam.
  7. Fold and press bias tape. Pin to the armholes and neckline and sew the bias binding.
  8. Finish the neckline with a hook and loop fastening.
  9. Hem the blouse.
  10. Press the blouse and you are done!

The Marissa sleeveless blouse is a super simple project that is suitable for even the sewing novices! Put it on with shorts or skirt, and you are ready for a breezy summer day in the sun!

Download link: Marissa sleeveless blouse (size XXS-5XL)

Happy sewing!


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  2. Thanks for the free pattern:)
    Can you tell me the amount of material that is required for this top, I can’t see it anywhere!

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