How to wear your face masks the right way

How to wear masks the right way

I think that people have realized that wearing a face mask is important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic these days. Not long ago, people raised eyebrows and said not-so-kind words when they saw Asian people wearing masks and thought that only sick people should wear masks (some still do). But many official sources have stated that even people with no symptoms at all can be a COVID-19 carrier and can spread the virus even when they are not sick. Therefore, wearing masks is necessary, not only to protect yourself, but also to protect others. I believe not before long the whole society will have a new look about wearing masks.

I have written 2 posts sharing free fabric face mask patterns for those who want to DIY their face masks. The links are here:

Fitted face mask pattern

Folded face mask with pocket for filter pattern (super easy one)

If you are looking for materials to make face mask, visit our little store here:

We have plastic nose wire, elastic, non-woven fabric for filters, anti-microbial fabric masks, hand made fabric masks to meet your needs. All items are ready in stock and will be shipped from Toronto, Canada. Same day shipping for orders before 3:00 PM. Free standard shipping for orders from US$75.00.

We must also understand that fabric face mask is far from as efficient as a N95 mask or respiratory – however, these masks should be given to the doctors, nurses and frontline workers. To us normal people who have lower possibility of contacting with the virus, homemade fabric masks are enough. Of course, home-made fabric mask cannot protect you 100% from breathing in the tiny coronavirus. What the mask does is protect other people around you. Because you don’t know if you carry the virus (in early stage we can still spread the COVID-19 to others), so when you wear a mask, others will not get droplets from your breathing, coughing or sneezing. Now, if other people wear masks – they are protecting you from their droplets. So if we all wear masks, we are protecting each other.

I believe, along with social distancing and islolation, wearing masks when you are outside is a must now. And I am relieved to see more and more people wearing masks here, in Toronto, Canada. However, the more people I see wearing masks, the more I realize people are wearing the wrong way. They keep touching, adjusting their masks, pulling them off when they are alone, or using them over and over again without proper sanitization. I really want to come up to them and say: “You are not using the mask the right way! That would not keep the virus away from you or your loved ones!”

So, this post is written as a friendly reminder for those who are wearing masks the not-so-right way. I went through many guidelines on the use of masks (both surgical masks and homemade fabric masks) and come up with it.


1. You must get yourself a well-fitted face mask, not too tight not too loose, one that can cover both your mouth and nose, and still allows you to breathe.

2. Do not use your hands to touch your nose, mouth under the mask. Touching will give viruses the chance to get into your body.

3. Never pull it down to your chin and pull it up again. If you need to take off the mask, use one finger to lift the ear loop and pull the mask out. Do not re-use the mask that you’ve taken off.

4. Do not touch the mask you are wearing, or adjust it, the virus can move from your mask to your hands if you are (unlucky enough to be) the virus carrier and go any where your hands touch later.

5. Do not put your masks into your pockets, bags. Masks can get dirty or have virus on the surface and cause you harm. Put your used and unused masks in different sealed plastic bags.

6. Each fabric mask should be used only once and washed and sanitized properly right after use (or put in a separate sealed bag until you get home and wash it).

7. You should prepare yourself at least 3-4 fabric masks when you go out (more if you travel a lot into crowded places) and change after you visit each place. Wash your hands before changing your mask.

And above all, remember social distancing, isolation, washing hands regularly. I hope that you will all stay safe in this horrible pandemic!



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9 thoughts on “How to wear your face masks the right way

  1. Dear Tiana,
    Thank you so much for the patterns you made for the face masks in your previous posts! I’ve been making face masks based on them, and I gift all of them to my friends and family to give them a little extra protection and keep their spirits up (mostly that last one). Making these has been one of the few things that’s kept me going and kept my own spirits up a bit. If you’d like, I can send you a picture of the ones I’ve made so far.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I would love to see your work. You can share it on my Facebook page!
      Keep it up and stay safe!

  2. 🙂Thank you……Tiana! I came across your face mask while googling and so many others but I chose your pattern specifically. Glad I did because it was super easy, simple, and it turned out beautifully fitted! Bless you for sharing such a perfect pattern. 😊😊🥰🥰👍👍👍

  3. I have made nearly six hundred masks. The first five hundred were made of a very good quality cotton, sewn in filter was non woven material recommended by the government here in Canada. I gave away the cotton ones. Then I read that silk could be the new N95.
    I had a lot of silk I had brought back from Singapore and hadn’t used. They are exquisite.
    I have bought soft light silk for lining, and I sew the filters in. I read that silk is anti microbial, anti viral, anti bacterial and aquaphobic. It is also very expensive so I charge enough to cover costs. It is my passion to make these masks to help folks stay well.
    What has been a lot of fun is making kids masks and matching ones for dolls or stuffed animals. Thank you for my original pattern, seems like a long time ago.

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