Although I have not been able to finish my September collection (look how unprofessional I am, oh but I am just a hobbyist after all, please forgive me for being so amateur!), I could not help but sketching out my ideas. I am so afraid that if I do not draw them out, I will…

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The Devon dress pattern

I have been working on the September collection for a few days – and that’s why there have been no new patterns this month yet. I plan to finish the whole collection before sharing them all to you. But, there is always a ‘but’, the Devon dress is just too beautiful that I must share…

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New dress this week

THIS PATTERN WAS BOUGHT BY A CUSTOMER FOR COMMERCIAL USE. I AM SORRY I CANNOT SHARE WITH YOU THE PATTERN – PLEASE ENJOY OTHER FREE PATTERNS ON MY WEBSITE. THANK YOU! I am making a dress that is a bit sophisticated for new sewers, but I really like this one, so please wait for me…

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