New pattern for hot summer: the sleeveless dropped waist dress

Well, it’s hot now in the northern hemisphere. I have seen news about heat waves everywhere in many countries: Germany, France, India, and of course, my home country Vietnam. It is so terribly hot that I have to hide in the office most of the time during the day to protect my delicate skin from burning.
I am inspired to make a pattern for a dress meant for this kind of weather: the sleeveless dropped waist dress. It is a classic style, which carries the feeling of the 1920s. And the most important thing is that, it is  relaxed and comfortable for hot days.
The dropped waist dress typically fits loosely on the body, transitioning into a gathered or pleated skirt at the hip, rather than the natural waistline. This dress is suitable for many body shapes – either a slender woman or a plus size woman can look good in this dress. But it works best with specific body types (according to many articles that I have read):
– Slender women with smaller bust and hips: It helps to show off you legs, delicate collarbones and toned arms.
– Women with apple shape: The loose fit of the dropped waist dress helps to cover up the mid-section of your body.
– Plus sizes: many brands opt for dropped waist dresses for plus size women. If you are relatively straight up and down, or carry your weight around your mid section, you may find this dress suitable. Choose a more loosely fitting dress for a more flattering fit.
– Hourglass figure: Although a dropped waist dress is not the best choice for women with perfect hourglass body shape, it is still a nice choice for comfort. A woman with hourglass figure can find it less flattering than other fitted dress, but it is not a problem, you are still beautiful after all.
–  Pear shaped figure: Many recommend against choosing a dropped waist dress for a heavy bottomed woman, however, if you are pear shaped and in love with this style, choose a dress with strong detailing around the neckline to divert attention from your hips.
Now, let’s see how the pattern looks like in 3D simulation that I have made:
The dress will be available tomorrow when I finish grading and converting it into printable PDF.
Tien the Little Sewist
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  1. I don't understand what you mean with "base pattern"? I thought you were asking for basic blocks which I had put on the blog in previous posts.

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