New dress pattern coming

I am making myself a new dress. And of course, first I have to make a pattern for it. I really love how using 3D CAD program can help me to view how the pattern turns out before I even make it with the accuracy of over 90%.
I just learned how to make a video clip out of a 3D simulation, so today I will give you a peek at the dress I am making. I tend to make simple dresses – not because I am not good at sewing, but because I do not have much time to spend on complex projects. And simple dresses do not mean that they are not beautiful. You must have heard about the minimalist trend – I am a big fan of it. I love using luxurious looking fabric and making simple pieces. I think they look more like what royals wear – simple, modest, elegant and no one can deny their beauty.
Let’s see how the pattern turns out in 3D simulation, do you think it is worth sewing?
And this is how it looks in motion. I really love how I can visualize what I design immediately.
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