REPOST: Pattern for the staple sheath dress

As requested by one of my dear readers, I am posting here the pattern for the Staple sheath dress. I posted it long ago when I was still a newbie in pattern making, and now I have made some adjustments to the pattern and the files, I think it’s time to post the new pattern files for you to use.
This pattern is a nested pattern, which contains all the sizes from XXS to XXL. It is more convenient for those who have multiple sized body (for example, a L size bust, a XL waist and a XXL size hip). You can use the trick of grading between sizes to get the pattern more fitted to your body.
The pattern is also made so that you can print it either on A4 paper or on Letter paper. You will not have to worry that there will be something left not printed if you use a different paper size from what I have to offer. Just print the first page at actual size/full scale/100% and check the measurement before you print all the remaining pages.
Attention: check your size carefully before cutting, using this Size chart.
No more rambling now, I gladly present the pattern for the Staple sheath dress for you, my dear readers:
Enjoy your sewing journey. Love!
Tien the Little Sewist
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