In the mood for a night gown

Dear readers,
I have been making patterns for quite some time, and got some emails from you encouraging me to make more and more practical and simple patterns for you to sew for themselves and their beloved ones. Of course I will, because pattern making is one of my biggest hobbies – together with sewing and watching haute couture shows and playing with my little baby boy. You may not believe it, but I have tons of ideas in my head, and pattern making is just one way for me to get them out before my little head gets overloaded.
My sister has been urging me to make her a night gown for the party next month – and although I am quite busy, I start thinking of a night gown that is simple but still sexy enough for her to be the center of attention that night. My sister is also a petite, but she has quite long and straight legs so she does not look too short. I believe a gown that is able to show off her legs may be a good choice.
I have sketched the ideas, and this seems to be a good option – what do you think?
Now, I am all pumped up! Let’s start making the pattern for this little darling. I will share with you the pattern for this dress after I finish making it and try it on the 3D model in the CAD program.
Tine the Little Sewist
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