Tiana N. is an ex professional pattern maker in Vietnam, with over ten years of experience in the fashion industry. She moved to Canada in 2019 and started over again as an indie pattern maker. She is a petite woman, and shares the same feeling with others who could not find a well-fitted piece of clothing in the stores. She established this website to focus on the petite, plus, and petite plus size ranges.

How to sew overlapping V neck placket

The videos belows show you how to sew overlapping V neck plackets. You can also upstyle your design with some twist! Videos are found on TikTok. I am posting for reference purpose only. I do not own the videos. All credits go to their original creators/owners.

How to hem corners

The following video shows you a tip to get neat corner finish. Video is collected from Tiktok and posted for reference only. . I do not own the video. All credits go to its original creator and owner.

How to sew a separate button stand

The following videos show how to sew button stand for garments. The separate button stand can be the same print pattern with the main garment, or contrast color for decorative purpose. Videos are collected from tik tok and posted for reference purpose only. All credits go to their original creator and owner.

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