Free sewing pattern: 6 paneled full circle skirt pattern

Today I share with you a very popular item – the full circle skirt pattern!
Who would not love a super-feminine and graceful voluminous full circle skirt? Made with a flowy drapery fabric like chiffon and voile and you will look so sweet with every step. Or made with a stiffer fabric like brocade and it will flatter your shape. And also there are thousands of prints and textures for you to choose. Floral prints for a vintage look, or bold color block prints for modern feeling, it’s all up to you, and with only one to two hours of working with the project! Sound interesting, huh?

For those who do not understand much about the drape of fabrics, it is the secret to making a perfect clothing item. Whether you want your garment to hug your curves or want it to cover them, choosing the right drape will help you out. A fabric can have fluid drape, moderate drape or full bodied drape. Fluid drape implies that the fabric moves like liquid, it is silky soft and hugs every curve well. An example of fluid drape is silk chameuse.

Moderate drape is most commonly seen as it is the most versatile drape, which could be used for a variety of garments, from dresses, skirts to blouses. You can see a lot of fabrics have moderate drape, like cotton jersey knits made of cotton or polyester.

Full bodied drape or heavy drape means the fabric holds itself from your body – and it is seen in a lot of structured designs. Scuba knit and pique knit are examples of full bodied drape.

Back to the topic, the circle skirt here can be made using any kind of drape, just try and see!

The pattern I share here is not the two piece full skirt pattern that you find every where on the Internet. It is indeed easier to sew, but the result would not be as professional-looking like the one we have here, because the grain of the fabric might mess up with the form of the dress. Using the panels, you can also save fabrics – just turn the pattern around and you will find yourself not wasting as much of the fabric as the two piece one.

The pattern is made using layered PDF, please check for your size before printing so you won’t waste your paper. If you still do not know how to print a layered PDF, please check for the instruction here.
You can print this using your home printer and A4/Letter paper. I calculated the printing area so that you will be able to use either type of paper to print the pattern out perfectly. Always print the first page first and check with the test square if you are printing at the right scale before you print out the whole pattern.
Cutting instruction:
After taping down all the pages following the instruction, the overall layout of the pattern pieces is like this:
The pattern pieces are cut as follows:
A. Center Front – 1pcs
B. Center Back – 2pcs
C. Side Front and Back – 4 pcs (2 for front skirt and 2 for back skirt)
D. Front Waistband – 2pcs + Fusible Interfacing – 1pcs
F. Back Waistband – 4pcs + Fusible Interfacing – 2pcs
This is the link to download this pattern: Selena full circle paneled skirt (size XXS – XXL)
Happy sewing!

Tien the Little Sewist
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  1. Where do I get the instructions? What are the seam allowances? Are they included?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. were can i find how to assemble?
    a little indication could help, as a new sewer i cant even see any points that should match on said pattern.

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